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omg ok so i was at my locker and i overheard a guy talking about how some other guy kept making eye contact with him and the guy was like “i think he’s gay, that’s so fuckin weird” and a girl who was getting her stuff beside the guy was like “yea that’s very weird considering you’re ugly as fuck” and she walked away like a bad bitch and everyone’s hands went over their mouths and it was the greatest experience ever


oooooh snap

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When Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
I almost drew the whole crew! It was worth it because I love both shows.
Avatar animated series belong to: Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Nickelodeon.

Please, do not repost. Do not use my artwork without my permission. Do not remove artists source/link. Thank you

I love this so much.

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Think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there,

I’ll beg you nice from my knees.

All I wanted was you…

All I wanted was you…

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